Image of Dig Site

The stone tools recovered by the archaeologists indicate that the Sheepeater site was a hunting and fishing base camp. It is clear that hunting-related tools were being made and repaired at the site. Most of the spear points are broken and only the bases (the part attached to the spear shaft) are present. This suggests that the hunting occurred elsewhere and the points were broken in the process. The spear shafts were brought back to the campsite, the broken points removed and discarded and new points attached in preparation for the next hunt. There were many stone knives and other tools applicable to butchering and preparing meat and hides for future use. These include pounding stones used to pound meat so it could be smoked and dried (like jerky) for storage and future use. Very little direct evidence of the animal species that were hunted were recovered except for a few antelope bones and mussel shells.