Image of Corn Creek 5

The ancient people who periodically visited Corn Creek used it primarily as a base camp while hunting bighorn sheep. This is documented by hundreds of identifiable bone fragments, many exhibiting evidence of cooking, that are bighorn sheep; and bighorns are still common in the area and many were seen by the field crew in the vicinity, especially in the spring time. A few bone fragments were identifiable to mule deer, bison and large-scale sucker along with several non-game animals including coyote, wolf, wolverine and bobcat. Additional evidence for hunting activities includes hundreds of spear and arrow point fragments along with tools useful for butchering large game. Long-term camping is suggested by numerous shallow depressions that were probably the floors of circular shelters similar to tepees. The presence of bighorn fetal (unborn) bones on one of the shelter floors suggests winter camping since sheep give birth to their young in the spring.