Image of Corn Creek 4

Corn Creek was excavated by The Idaho State University Field School in 1984 under the direction of Professor Richard N. Holmer partially funded by the National Forest Service. Corn Creek is a very popular raft launch site for people floating through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area of central Idaho. It is also the location of a large archaeological site that lies directly under the feet of the 10,000 estimated users of the area each summer. The intense use by modern boaters and campers was adversely affecting the archaeological integrity of the site warranting an excavation to recover sufficient information about past uses before it further deteriorated. The excavation and subsequent analyses was reported in 1985 by Richard N. Holmer and Jeffrey W. Ross in Excavations at Corn Creek, Swanson/Crabtree Arnthropological Research Laboratory Reports 84-8, Idaho State University.