Image of Archaeologists

The study of her skeleton provided many insights into her life. A small sample of her bone was analyzed for isotopes which provide information about the foods she had been eating. The isotopes indicate that she relied heavily on animal meat and the seasonally migrating salmon in the Snake River. The wear patterns on her teeth indicate that a substantial part of her diet included foods that had been heavily processed by pounding or grinding with stones producing an abrasive grit. This combined with the isotope data suggests that her main diet consisted of meat and fish that had been pounded or ground into a type of pemmican or jerky. This was a common means of drying and preserving meat by Native Americans. Her teeth also show that she had no carries (cavities). X-rays of her leg bone revealed numerous bone growth scars called Harris lines. These often occur when bone growth is interrupted in times of high dietary stress. For people who live by hunting this most often occurs in the late winter and spring when stored processed foods are all used up.