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In 1989 the Twin Falls Highway Department unearthed human remains while excavating in a gravel pit near Buhl, Idaho. The foreman’s wife contacted the College of Southern Idaho’s Herrett Center for Arts and Sciences and Professor Jim Woods of CSI responded immediately. After the initial inspection he concluded that the remains were indeed a human skeleton. Because disturbing human remains is strictly regulated by law (in this case Idaho state law because it was found on state lands) Dr. Tom Green, state archaeologist based in Boise became involved. Subsequent excavations of the remains were meticulous but speed and care were also necessary due to the possible collapse of surrounding materials. The results of the excavation and the subsequent analyses are published in 1998 by all the scholars who were involved in the analyses including Thomas J. Green, Bruce Cochran, Todd, W, Fenton, James C. Woods, Gene L. Titmus, Larry Tieszen, Mary Anne Davis and Susanne J. Miller in the journal American Antiquity (volume 63, pages 437-456) entitled The Buhl Burial: A Paleoindian Woman from Southern Idaho.