Image of Artifacts

The Clovis people of North America are known to have hunted the large Ice Age animals known by scientists as megafauna. At other locations in Southern Idaho the remains of these animals have been recovered (especially around American Falls Reservoir). Known animal inhabitants of the Snake River Plain during the last stages of the Ice Age are mammoth, mastodon, giant ground sloths, camels, muskox, peccaries, horses, sabertooth cats, dire wolfs, short-faced bear, and many other creatures that are now extinct. To put this into perspective for people who survive by hunting big game, one mature mammoth represents 400 people-days of food. In other words a group of 20 people could live for 20 days without any other food source. In contrast, a large modern buffalo provides 150 people-days so the same size group could live for 7 days; and a deer only provides 24 people-days therefore the same group could only live for a little more than 1 day. A mammoth kill must have been highly valued and the hunters involved must have been highly revered; and somehow, the Simon Clovis Cache relates to these facts.