Module: The National Reactor Testing Station--Why in Idaho?

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Created: Nik Sterbentz on 1/19/2011 8:53 PM

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Module Description: On February 18, 1949, the Atomic Energy Commission decided to designate a stretch of Southeastern Idaho desert as the National Reactor Testing Station. Locally known as the “atom plant,” this base of operations yielded tremendous technological advancements in the decades to come. Yet the history of how the station came to be is a tale unto itself, and as the AEC sought a site, Idaho more and more clearly became the best choice. Thanks to its isolation and the presence of its naval proving ground, Idaho beat out the other top choice: a site near Fort Peck, Montana.


A presentation of Idaho history.

Planned Goal:

This module includes three definitions showing how the National Reactor Testing Station came to be built in Idaho.

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Computer with internet access.



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